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Boys Will be Boys!

We are pleased to have a guest post from Soraya Chemaly, reprinted here with her permission from The Huffington Post.

For months, every morning when my daughter was in preschool, I watched her construct an elaborate castle out of blocks, colorful plastic discs, bits of rope, ribbons and feathers, only to have the same little boy gleefully destroy it within seconds of its completion.

Boys fighting

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Tribute for my Father

Dad was a Navy man, a country boy, a dedicated teacher, a fearless commercial fisherman, and a devoted father. He lived his truth.

With Dad

Sometimes our fathers work hard, love our mothers, and treat us well. Other times fathers have many challenges and seem to do everything that is not good for their kids growing up. And sometimes we get a little bit of both in the mix.

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Goat Tails and Turtle Love

My husband and I love a good road trip. We read good books, and adventures pop from the pages as the miles go by, enhanced by the occasional mocha.

Couple on Roadtrip

We recently shared a two-hour road trip to a historic hotel in the mountains. Along the way, I read aloud from an antique book, now out of print. The Trail Led North, by Martha Ferguson McKeown, tells the tale of her Uncle Mont Hawthorne’s adventures.

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