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Perfect Storm, Perfect Boat

Summer had arrived, and with it came many opportunities to dust off the snowy old branches of an upstate New York winter–just in time to make way for the new life and lush green of summer playdays.

JVCL on sailboat

It had been a tough winter for Bob and Cheryl. Nearly 25 years of marriage had strained the rigging, so to speak. They both wanted to weather the storm, but weren’t sure if they actually had the staying power.

For a number of years they had talked about learning to sail, but it was just one of those things that never happened. And now, with their marriage in trouble it began to sound like Don Quixote’s dream.

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Daddy—Watch me!

Aussie swimming teacher Sarah Strangio gets really excited when her young students swim their first lap.

Young Boy in Pool

“Did you see that?” a young boy exudes he he reaches the other end of the pool for the first time.  
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How to Enrich your Relationship with a Mindful Approach

With this guest post, we welcome Kimberly Wulfert, PhD.  Kimberly shares Kimberly Wulferther approach to building relationships through mindfulness.

A mindful approach in a relationship is one in which you are open, receptive, non-judgmental, and in the present rather than reliving the past or predicting the future, when you are interacting with your partner. Differences enrich your relationship in many ways.
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