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2013 – Are you triskaidekaphobic?

So did I send you running for the mirror to find an imperfection? What’s triskaidekaphobia (pronounced TRIS-sky-deck-uh-FOE-bee-uh)??

Have you ever heard that when large hotels are built, many financially-shrewd and/or superstitious developers choose to leave out the 13th floor? The Trident Hotel at Nariman Point in Mumbai is but one of many who display a fear of the number ‘13’.

However, Arnaud Karsenti, a bold Florida businessman, decided to capitalize on this fear. He is managing principal and co-founder of 13th Floor Investments, a business designed to attract investors that ‘think outside the box’ and are looking for a biz strategy that goes beyond the mundane.

Fireworks 9So where does 2013 find you? Are you tuned in only to the ho-hum for this year? Or are you ready to take on a new challenge and move forward? Look out your window and see something in a new way!

We all succumb to our fears on occasion–whether it’s the number 13 or a pervasive fear that we aren’t good enough. Making mistakes is how we learn how to do things better.  Like I have told my students in the past, my couch at home never makes mistakes–but then it doesn’t do anything either! So be bold! Be strong! And push ahead in your self-growth this year!

Kudos to all you adventurers who are willing to move beyond your comfort zone! Grab those new insights as they pass through your field of consciousness, and give a full-body embrace to the present as you engage in your value-added future!

Three cheers for 2013!